About Climate TV

Climate TV is a fusion of the web and conventional tv. Climate TV is an interactive, high-definition online television channel bringing you movies, live interviews, interactive talk shows and events on climate change related issues. In addition to segments featured on Climate TV we will have regularly scheduled interactive television episodes.

Are we on to something? You bet we are! This is the next generation of television broadcasting and a new frontier for online climate and sustainability related content. We're changing the climate on climate change. Watch, discuss and engage with us!

Powered by the Xool web tv platform, Climate TV is all about interactive video content. Our goal is to offer viewers high quality content and the opportunity to pose questions and offer comments in real time to Climate TV hosts and special guests. We want to help facilitate an ongoing conversation amongst a community of people interested in the issue of climate change.

The Climate TV brand can be seen on television stations around the world. Select Climate TV productions are being showcased with conventional television broadcasters.

Check out Climate TV's schedule for upcoming screenings, events and shows. We will be bringing you more content in the coming weeks and months. So, stay tuned by following us on Twitter or on our Climate TV Facebook fan page.

Contact Us

Have a question or idea for a show? Go to Climate TV's contact page and let us know!
About ClimateTV