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GFTG TV is an interactive, high-definition online television channel. Our programming, a combination of free and pay-per- view shows, is focused on helping small business go green, by greening their productivity. That means we are as concerned about helping you reduce your impact on the planet as we are about helping you save money. Fortunately there is a very close positive relationship between these two goals.

GFTG TV brings to your computer screen movies, live interviews, interactive talk shows and events on ideas and opportunities to green your business in innovative ways.

It's the next generation of television broadcasting.

GFTG TV is also working with Product Partners to bring you training opportunities, so you can learn without leaving the comfort of your office. Most of these programs cost no more than two movie tickets with popcorn and drinks. You don't have to get up at the crack of dawn or fight traffic to get to a conference. You can keep your carbon footprint low and your blood pressure. Just pick up your coffee, tea or water and settle in to your own chair. Click and watch.

It's personal theatre at its best.

There are other important differences between webinars offered through GFTG TV and other websites. These are due to the incredibly crisp HD TV quality enabled by XOOL Labs, one of our founding Product Partners. Users can have a real-time conversation with each other and the show host during live and broadcast programming. You can post comments, ask questions and rate the show. This level of interactivity allows you, the viewer, to become part of the show - it turns TV and online video into an interesting and exciting exchange, every time you watch it. This also applies to the shows held in our ARCHIVE. It is on demand, or rather on your command, TV. You can watch some of the show, stop to take a call, and come back where you left off. Or you can watch a segment, stop the show, apply the idea right away. If your application did not go smoothly, pull the arrow under the screen back and replay that segment; see what you missed. You have the controls at your fingertips.

GFTG TV is intricately tied to www.goingforthegreen.net (G4TG), a member-driven web-based collaboration that designs products and services for small business. Both entities aim to keep their price points low so that even the smallest business entity can afford to take advantage of them. This also makes them affordable for medium-sized and big organizations. Our viewers and members learn by reading, watching, doing and interacting with other small business who are also working to green their productivity. Both G4TG and GFTG TV aim to make learning convenient and fun - whether it is seriously funny or humourously serious.

GFTG TV monitors your feedback on shows. The writers, interviewed speakers, and hosts of each show can respond to your comments and questions. When there is a common thread that viewers indicate an interest in through posts and voting , GFTG TV and G4TG research the issue and respond with facts. The response may be a video blog, a short write-up posted as a Quick Tip (PDF) on the Tools page on G4TG, or through a new show on GFTG TV.

Our programs are simple to access. If it is a launch or a scheduled show, it will be featured on the Schedule page, with notification on G4TG and social media venues such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. If it is a free program, just click and sit back and watch the show; there are currently three program streams in ARCHIVE. If it's a pay-per- view option, just click, buy a ticket, login and get comfortable. More shows are being developed and new programming streams will be coming soon.

Please remember to comment, ask questions, and rate the shows. Your input helps us improve our programs.

Why are we focusing on small business? Small business is the foundation of every national economy. We believe that it is critical for each and every small business to get involved in going for the green. While it is unlikely that one small business will cause the devastation that we are seeing in the Gulf of Mexico, if we are able to help every small business in Canada save a little money while reducing their impact on the planet, we're talking a few billion. Each act of green is a step towards success.

But Canada is just the springboard - we hope as our programming develops and as viewers learn about us, that any small business with web access can find at least one show that helps them go green. We've done the math. Making our world a better place is a great value-added benefit, at least we think so.

At GFTG TV, we want to help facilitate an ongoing conversation amongst a global network of small business owners, entrepreneurs and others interested in greening their business.

When commenting on a show, we encourage everyone to include links to supporting facts as this helps enrich the conversation. While we want to foster a lively and thought-provoking conversation, we also reserve the right to moderate any comments that are abusive, off-topic or use offensive language. People posting unsubstantiated claims will be moderated and, if they persist, will have their account deleted.

Err on being funny, polite (even if you're not Canadian, hey) and where you vehemently disagree with someone or something, please think about posing your opposing view as a question. Thank you.

If you have any questions or comments about the usage standards please send us a note using the contact page.


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